Privacy policy

This privacy policy governs the collection and use of personal data of users of the vacatch.com OR "the site" OR "Vacatch".
The privacy policy is subject to future changes and vacatch.com members will be notified in case of any changes to this policy.

Data analysis

We use tools to track our visitors and report errors. These tools are used exclusively to improve our services. NO DATA collected, used and stored by these tools is used for any purpose other than the continuous improvement of our services. In addition, all data is anonymised before being collected. Like cookies, analytics data is only used for technical and functional purposes.
The analytical data do not have a vocation to : You may also limit, restrict and/or prohibit the collection of your browsing data via your web browser settings or by installing a third party browser extension.
Our tools respect the directive DNT (Do Not Track) and does not harvest your IP address.

Personnal data

Vactach, through the Steam API, retrieves the following data: In addition to the data from the Steam API, you have the possibility to provide the following information: All data collected by Vacatch.com is exclusively intended for the provision of the vacatch.com website service.
None of the above-mentioned data is communicated to third parties and is not subject to any marketing.


All the data on the Vacatch.com site is hosted in France in the Data Center Strasbourg 1 of the company OVH.


Steam affiliation

Vacatch.com IS NOT affiliated with Steam or Valve Corporation


Contact Vacactch.com administrators at contact@vacatch.com